From The Desk of The Rector

First and foremost, let me expound my sincere wishes and objective behind Scholar Wings. I welcome you all to the ‘SCHOLAR’ family. Here we have established a tradition of excellence and we ensure a pioneering role in preparing and developing our students from toddler to Graduation level.

With a unique, one-of-its-kind concept, Junior Scholar(Pre-Primary, Primary & Activity School) is a place where our loving students grow and develop while reading, listening, writing and playing. Here they go through a transformation from dependence to independence, from trembling confidence to refined skills, from poor body language to strong verbal communication, from self-absorption to enhanced social awareness under the observation of a group of specialized teachers.

In 1998, we started our journey of preparing school level students, especially for Madhyamik/ICSE/CBSE and H.S /ISC examination.

Since the beginning, our aim has been providing specialized coaching at the High School level. We take pride to announce that our hard work has received a tremendous response and it has immensely benefited the students. A lot of parents have the misconception that their children are mediocre students and that’s why they score average.

My years of experience say that the difference between a mediocre and a top scorer is very little. We recommend correct guidance to ease out the fine line. ‘Scholar’ always offers friendly guidance yet a highly competitive atmosphere to bring out the best performance of our students. After completing each chapter we conduct class tests and re-tests (if required) and students also appear for Mock Tests for doing better in their final examination.

I would like to thank BSU Prayas for allowing us to arrange a Mock Test and Medha Anneswa Scholarship Programme every year in our centres. After Board Examination, we help our students to choose their subjects with the help of a group of experienced teachers who provide counselling. I must mention the name of Jatiya Yuba Computer Saksharata Mission which helps us to provide training of different computer courses throughout the year and to award our students with certificates.

I shall deem my labor crowned with glory if this system happens to be helpful to my beloved students. Your constructive suggestions for the further improvement of ‘SCHOLAR’ are always precious to me.

I shall deem my labour crowned with glory if this system proves helpful to my beloved students. Constructive suggestions for further improvement of ‘SCHOLAR’ are always precious to me.

Arindom Banerjee
(Founder- Director)

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Here all our students go through a continuous development process. They learn to be independent enough. They refine their skill, body language, verbal communication and social awareness under the training of a group of specialized teachers.

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Our Mission

  • In cooperation with teachers and staff, our institute provides peer -to- peer assistance through individual and small group collaboration.
  • We commit ourselves to impart excellent education and boast of our faculty members who are devoted and committed to build trust and compassion between teachers and students and ensure that the students achieve what they have come for.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to develop an education system that works towards the overall evolution of the young minds to achieve the best and fly high in their career and life.
  • We believe our students will be successful next-gen professional of tomorrow and help India to steer towards growth and prosperity.
  • Our motto is constantly improving and strengthening the positive impact we have on our students and society. We help them in transforming their lives through our innovative teaching techniques and advanced methodologies which encourage us to move on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Actual Meaning Of Education?

True education is beyond earning degrees. Success always takes more than bookish knowledge. Proper education means teaching moral values, positive thinking, attitude of helping, attitude of ethical values. Only these kinds of skills make the students able to bring changes in society.

Why Education Is The Key To Success?

Education is important because it gives a different perspective on life and establishes a personal opinion after analyzing the situation. It helps one to develop socially and economically. Also, the latest technologies are developed and used in different areas like health, economy, military and other businesses. To become accustomed to new industry trends, students need to learn a lot.

Why Is Education Important Nowadays?

Education is also important for other reasons. Education helps us to lead a good and healthy life. It helps us to know the rules and regulations and makes us responsible citizens of our country. Also, it helps us to build opinions and have specific points of view on things in life.