6 Point Agenda for Success

1. Three sets of Mock Tests:

Set 1 in October, Set 2 in December and Set 3 in January. There will be a choice of suitable test timings (subject to availability).

2. Suggestive Question Papers:

We prepare the question papers of the Mock tests exactly as per Board pattern and specifically keeping the syllabus in mind.

3. Assessment of Answer Sheets:

Answer sheets are assessed by a team of eminent teachers, with wide experience as board examiners.

4. Model Answers:

Model answers for the program are strictly prepared as per the new guidelines. Indeed, these ‘Model’ answers help the students to learn the ‘best’ answers to all questions and help them to score maximum marks in the time of Board Examinations.

5. Doubt Clearing Classes:

Another important feature is our doubt clearing classes where students can clear their doubts regarding their mistakes. Moreover, they get to know the correct answering techniques from teachers on a one-on-one basis.

6. Seminar and Special Instructions:

Another notable feature is an exclusive discussion and Feedback Seminar that has been receiving a tremendous response from students and parents – indeed a MUST for anyone aspiring for better results.